News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Another holiday, another hospitalization. Phil was saying a week ago that he has never been hospitalized over Christmas, and I think that’s about to change. Phil left for dialysis without Garron, because he most likely isn’t going to be able to complete a dialysis run and will be heading to the hospital from there. Because this is Christmas Eve, no one will be available to go pick Garron up if Phil stays, so we thought it was best that he stay here with me. Phil’s intestines have him in the bathroom every twenty minutes, and he vomited this morning. There hasn’t been a fever to go with this, but he definitely needs medical care. He wasn’t able to go to dialysis Saturday because of this. Yesterday was better, but it started again last night. Obviously, Garron is very confused. We didn’t have any plans today, and tomorrow the only solid plans revolved around me playing for church in the morning. I’ll either leave him for a couple hours, or — because my canter loves animals — he may come to church with us. Given the circumstances, I don’t think people will mind, and he’ll be well-behaved. Phil and I are hoping he can come home after they determine what’s wrong and treat it, but I think we know the score.

On another note, the Kragnes Carol is almost done. I know a lot of people get their Christmas cards out early, but I’ve really come to value that Advent is Advent. Yes, I listen to Christmas music like everyone else, but I like to send our version of a card close to Christmas. The card will come out later today.


Comments on: "Phil on his way to the hospital." (3)

  1. Jenn Gambatese said:

    Dear Rebecca- Extra Christmas prayers headed to Minneapolis from Ohio (where we are spending time with my family). May Peace, Love, and GOOD HEALTH be on the horizon for you in 2013! Fondly, Jenn Gambatese

  2. Hi there,

    Thinking of you and Phil and hope he recovers quickly.



  3. Wishing Phil a speedy recovery. I really look forward to your Kragnes Carrol!

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