News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

So I liked about the last post being the last before the Kragnes Christmas card. I think you’ll enjoy reading this one though, because I’m not lying when I say that right now Phil and I are both in a pretty good place. We sighed with relief when the catheter came out without incident. The timing of the big snow storm this past weekend had me worried, but things really worked. I didn’t make it to the Malt Shop Sunday night, but the person helping me at my IDS Crystal Court gig sold a record number of CD’s Saturday afternoon. The Thursday before that, I had an extra Malt Shop gig, I I believe I made the most tips in my six and a half years there, except for when one gig fell on my birthday. We also did great at Mall of America today too, and I really think sales are partially driven by who is at the table. Dwight has the ability to talk to people without it seeming like a sales pitch. The sound at both gigs was pretty good, but IDS in particular has a great improvement in sound this year. The better the sound, the more confident I am. I don’t feel like I have to compensate for someone not balancing the keyboard the way I need it.

Perhaps some of the feel-good vibes this week are because I am getting out and doing more gigs than normal and in places where I normally don’t play. People get used to me at the Malt Shop and church, and although I try to put my whole heart into those gigs, there’s something about these Christmas gigs that is really special. Even Christmas music in the Malt shop brings out a more jovial atmosphere in the place. I’m always scared that people are going to be sick of Christmas music, but thus far, that hasn’t been a problem. In fact, people seem to be getting more and more enthusiastic as the weeks progress.
I think Zane enjoys the challenges inherent in following someone one through big crowds of people. We marvel that people don’t seem to be watching where they are going, but that isn’t even ticking me off as it sometimes does

Even the snow days when Phil and I were home after having to cancel plans were light. We stayed up late by the fire knowing there was very little chance we’d be going anywhere in the morning and just enjoyed each other’s company.

The iPhone continues to improve life. Our friend Michael helped Phil to make a joint calendar for us, so we can put events on it we will both see on our phones. I’m learning another fun game on the iPhone called Hanging with Friends. It’s essentially Hang Man, and although it may not seem very exciting to the people who love high intensity graphics and virtual reality in their games, being able to play something like this in such a portable and independent way is a real joy for me.

Even the extra little critters living with us don’t seem to dampen our spirits. For those who don’t follow Phil on Facebook or haven’t heard, we have a few guests of the mouse variety in our house. Unfortunately, it was the guy who fixed our drier who informed of this. Although that was a bit embarrassing to me, Phil has caught a couple already with the traps with the green minty stuff from mint Orios as bate. Phil is lucky not to hear the rustling and the squeaks to which I get treated occasionally, but we’ll figure it out.

Zane and I went to a class holiday party in which our new reader participated. All the students had to volunteer for an agency for people with disabilities. That’s how Sarah Grace found us. We’ll miss her when she goes to Peru over the holidays, but despite the class being over, she’s going to continue to work with us. Anyway, students talked about their volunteer experiences in this class, and it was fun to be the only person there on the other side of their volunteering. The other students didn’t have the one to one relationship Sarah Grace has developed with us. Someone brought wonderful chicken wings to the party, and I thought we were going to get away with avoiding Zane getting any. I was dumping my bones in the trash when one slipped out, and Zane got it quick as lightning. I watched him very closely for the next day or so, and although he may have cleared a large room had we been in public, there were no symptoms of him being sick. I believe we’ve past the critical period.

Finally, I lost four things, found three of them, and the third will turn up when it’s supposed to. In church Saturday night, I didn’t realize it when my ear buds dropped to the floor. My canter Dwight’s son saw them fall and knew exactly where they were when I realized they were missing. He also found a little SD card I dropped in the bathroom. Phil and I crawled all over and couldn’t find it. That was another thing we hoped hadn’t been ingested by the Black Vac. It was hiding under a rug., Then last night I got out of a cab here at home and didn’t realize that my combo talking book and music player called Victor Stream had dropped, while I was getting my backpack situated. This time Our cleaning guy came to my rescue. It was lying by the curb, and I have no idea whether it was on the snow or down in the street. I was just thanking God no one had run over it. The other item I lost is something which will turn up and is easily replaceable without costing an arm and a leg.

Comments on: "the best we’ve been all year: reflecting on a great week" (1)

  1. Penny Reeder said:

    Rebecca, What an upbeat and encouraging message! I am so happy things are going so well for you!

    The next time you have a handy-person over, ask him or her to stuff any crevaces or openings that he or she can find — the ones that let in those annoying mice — with steel wool — it’s cheap and available from any department store — that should keep most of them out!

    Meanwhile, merry Christmas! Penny

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