News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

major good. minor bad.

There are a lot of good things happening in the Kragnes household. Phil was at work every day this week, and I know both he and his colleagues are relieved. He had a doctor’s appointment with his surgeon who was pleased with his progress enough to give permission for the graft to be used for dialysis. He’s had successful runs both times, and the word is that after three or four, Phil will be able to get that catheter pulled out of his neck/shoulder. I know that will make him feel a lot more comfortable and greatly lessen the possibility of infection. The surgeon was livid when she heard about some of the shenanigans the doctors pulled on Phil regarding pain killers in the hospital and upon being released. Basically, they gave him almost too much and then took all of it away very abruptly. Thus, the screams I reported earlier upon his homecoming. The blood thinners he takes should keep the clots away, and we hope we are now riding into a smoother period in Phil’s health than we’ve had for the past few months.

Many of you probably already know, but in case you don’t, Phil is on Facebook. Apparently, one can search for Phil Kragnes, and he pops right up. I’ve heard some of you find him etc. His original purpose was to educate himself on accessible apps in case students had questions with which he could help them, but I think he’s having fun connecting with people he hasn’t on Twitter. As for me, Twitter is still my social networking tool of choice along with this blog. Facebook is too visual and confusing for me. I am a word woman and avoid interacting with or even being in pictures as much as I can. I have a friend trying to persuade me to get a picture on my Foursquare page. Who cares if I’m the Mayor of the Kragnes Kryb. The king of my castle is home! To some extent, I use Foursquare , although I’m still unsure about its benefits other than 50 cents off of a beverage every now and then. I don’t post Foursquare to Twitter, because I’ve found too much of that on others’ time lines. Anyway, I think I’ll let Phil have Facebook to himself. As some have already seen, he finds ways of using very few words to communicate what usually takes me many more.

A case in point is what happened last night. We had a visit from our friendly fire department. On Thanksgiving it was just Phil and me. We’d planned to have another couple, but one of them is dealing with some pretty heavy duty health concerns. We understood when they had to cancel. We bought a meal already prepared, but the turkey had to warm for an hour. Most side dishes could go in the microwave. Despite how delicious the meal, it was still a lot of work and even more hassle for Phil. Before he began, we talked about what a pain going to a restaurant was. During and after preparations, we vowed that unless we were invited somewhere or had major help, we’d be going to a restaurant for our Thanksgiving meals for years to come. Our kitchen isn’t made for big meals, and even warming things up can really cramp space. Our kitchen isn’t made for more than one person, and when we’re both in there, we have to do a dance and tell each other exactly where we are and what we’re about to do. My help probably would have caused more angst than benefit. He certainly knew he could ask. Standing for long periods still affects Phil’s leg, and toward the end of preparation, it was getting rough. The first minor thing was Phil’s open bag of frozen corn dropping on the floor. I was having green bean casserole, and luckily Phil put what he needed into a bowl. The Black Vac took care of the mess in a hurry. The smoke alarms sounded on Thursday, but we were able to stop things before they went beyond the security monitoring station calling to see if we were OK. Yesterday morning, Phil conscientiously scrubbed the oven to make sure he removed any remnants of whatever was producing smoke. Unfortunately, touch doesn’t always tell the whole story, and despite being a meticulous clean freak in everything he does, he missed some turkey drippings. After the headaches of having alarms sound two times in two days, we were more than relieved when the fire people offered to come take a look in our kitchen. They were very understanding and pointed out where the problem was using the Ove Gloves I just washed. He’ll scrub again and likely get a pair of eyes to check before trying the oven again. Today he’s going to cook turkey soup in the crockpot. We have just enough turkey left over for soup, and the side dishes look like they’ll be finished after one more meal. We ate our big meal about two fifteen on Thursday and then were so full that we waited for dessert until that night. Phil bought a Dutch apple pie, and the last two pieces will probably be consumed sometime today. We still have the pumpkin pie in the fridge. We watched part of a TV series to which a friend introduced me and played some iPhone Yahtzee.

We had a couple of minor electronics crises in the last couple days, and they are the kinds of things at which luckily we can laugh after 12 hours. On Thanksgiving day, my iPhone speaker stopped producing sound. It worked ok in ear buds. Luckily there’s a great Web site for blind iPhone users at which we used to solve the problem. I was relieved to know that someone else experienced this problem and found a solution. Sometimes it seems to us that when I touch electronics, something goes haywire which doesn’t happen to anyone else. It’s not uncommon around here to hear Phil say to me regarding electronics , “Only you could do this”, and in most cases, it’s not complimentary!

Then last night a Windows update caused us to have a computer glitch, and Phil knew enough to help us go back to a previous restore point. Meanwhile, I was checking e-mail on my iPhone. That little thing has become practically my best friend, except when it decides not to talk to me.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I’m starting to think about my gigs. My IDS gigs are covered, but if anyone is interested in possibly driving and sitting at the CD table for a December 12 2:00 PM Mall of America performance, please let me know.


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  1. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Hi Rebecca.

    It sounds like you and Phil, for the most part, had a very nice time together for Thanksgiving. I want to send this one also to my friend Karen Delzer, but she and her hubby have moved from ND back to California, so I’ll have to save it for her until she sends me her new e-mail address.

    We spent Thanksgiving 45 minutes away from Houston, where we live, and had a very nice time with a long-time friend and his mom. He also has a bguide from GDB, his fourth one, and he and my Trudy get along very well.

    I’m sure glad Phil got that graft put in just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving, and like you, I’m sure he’ll be much more comfortable when that wicked catheter can come out.

    Please pass on my best wishes to him also.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving,

    Jeanie and Trudy

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