News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Phil and I have had have an awesome couple of days since he came home yesterday morning. I had planned to get him home by afternoon and had to scramble for a ride for him quite suddenly late yesterday morning. The couple who kept Garron were able to help us and get Garron home soon after Phil arrived. Phil and I talked all afternoon, and then I got ready for church. I had a little health snag involving some bleeding which was a bit uncomfortable. It resolved itself after church and our night out to our traditional date-night restaurant., It’s so rare that we get to go on Saturday night because of dialysis. I wasn’t going to let a little discomfort ruin the evening. I am fortunate to have a doctor who is willing to talk to me by E-Mail, phone and/or text. Though things have resolved, she asked me to come in tomorrow. Phil and I spent the remainder of last night in front of the fire talking and doing more Iphone stuff, but it was fun. We spent some more time together this morning working on some more free ring tones. I went to bed, while Phil went to the Apple store to get a couple Iphone accessories.

When I woke, Phil was listening to music. Groceries came while I got ready for the Malt Shop. I couldn’t find my “earpods” — the fancy name for the enhanced ear buds which came with our Iphonse . Phil ended up letting me use his and later found mine for me. I’m listening to the Country show I hear every Sunday night, while Phil is putting his clothes away. We are both apprehensive About the next chapter of Phil’s health war. Tomorrow he goes into have yet another catheter put in for dialysis over the next two weeks. our friend Lisa is going to puppy sit and probably bring Phil home after the procedure. I have a back-up ride set-up if that doesn’t work. The questions on our minds are the following. 1. Where are they going to put it? He’s had so many
that there is a lot of scar tissue. The scar tissue makes it impossible to get them in the same place twice. He assures me that in the unlikely event that my source was right about putting the catheter in his thigh, he can handle it for two weeks. 2. How much pain is there going to be? That will depend on the location and the sensitivity of it. 3. How is he going to fight the pain and how long will he heave to? The pain pills have nasty side effects for him, and until last week or the week before, he had awful pain in his hand. That has dissipated, but when it was at it its worst, doctors prescribed a patch for Phil. The insurance company grumped about it and stalled it some much that he just picked it up yesterday when leaving the hospital. He’s going to talk to the doctors about it and the other pain medications he has here. 4. Will we make it through the next two weeks without an infection while fighting off the last one with antibiotics given at dialysis? We hope so, because although Phil is feeling relatively good now, he warned me that given the last week, he may not have the resources to fight off something else nasty. I didn’t know that when he got to the hospital last Sunday, the doctors were having so much trouble getting his blood pressure up. They even told him that if they couldn’t get it to respond, he wouldn’t survive. I’m glad I didn’t know that! It just makes these next two weeks with a catheter as a bridge to the graft surgery feel really critical. And then putting all of those other things aside, I’m asking myself how I can best be with my husband through this. I feel like I just got him back this weekend after weeks of pain from the hand and then this last week’s illness. And now here we go again. I feel helpless knowing there’s very little I can do for him when he’s in the amount of pain he has been and probably is about to be again. Pain minimizes his patience and maximizes his temper, and unfortunately, though I try not to, I can do the same.

We both have a couple of fun things coming Wednesday. Phil had to put off a birthday with a friend, and he’ll finally meet him for lunch. Then that night, he’ll meet our new reader. She came last Wednesday and observed our other reader who needs a break. This girl is going to be fun! Also, it’s Halloween, so we’ll have the quarters ready to give to kids. We have to keep our reputation up. With the amount of gun fire increasing in our neighborhood (including some Friday night when Zane and I were by ourselves) I’d rather have people think of us as some of the good ones. Phil teaches a course that day and plans to wear his German Shepherd mask to greet his students and our Trick-or-Treaters.


Comments on: "Back to fighting health wars after a great, normal weekend" (2)

  1. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Hi Rebecca.

    It probably doesn’t seem like it now, but this will all get better for both you and Phil.

    Is there some reason why they don’t go ahead and put in a central line where Phil’s collarbone is? It’s a little itchy for a day or two until the skin heals from the stitches, but it’s done under a local right in the patient’s room. That would get him through until graft time, and maybe he wouldn’t have so much trouble with infections. It’s just cleaned around each day with an alcohol pad or a Q-tip with cotton on the end. He might ask about it if it’s never been discussed before.

    I hope you both feel better soon and am glad that you are not in the states that are getting bombarded by by hurricane Sandy.

    Big hugs and lots of prayers,

    Jeanie and Trudy

  2. Lisa Keith said:

    I hope someone gets a picture of Phil when he has his mask on with Garon right beside him.

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