News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Hello again.

I turned on the fireplace for the first time, because it’s supposed to be close to freezing tonight.
It’s time to catch you up on the last 48 hours or so. Phil had an angiogram of his right arm today. I didn’t say anything about it, because we weren’t sure what it was going to entail. I prayed there would be some sort of intervention. Phil’s fingernail was turning blackk, his finger was tturning blue, there were open wounds on the nuckles, and the pain was horrible! The clogged artery was found, and five coils were put into his arm to keep the artery open. He has already noticed the temperature of his hand is better than it was. Although there is still some pain, it’s already improving. His forearm will also have some pain where they did the procedure. He’s unsure whether he’ll go to work tomorrow, but he did go to dialysis with help getting there from a friend.

Meanwhile, as I illuded to above, just like last year, the weather is doing a drastic change. Witht ath drastic change, my body has decided it’s time for the fall cold. It’s been in my head all day, but I’m starting to feel it drip down my throat. In the morning I’ll start my ten day regimen of nasal spray and hope that we can avoid the bronchitis. I have an inhaler at the ready and a prescription of antibiotics on standby if it takes it’s usual course and morphs into bronchitis.
If I received the virus from anyone, it was probably the Target employee who was “getting over” the cold. I waited 15 minutes to get her help as the manager begged employees to help with shopping assistance.

With all of the stories of cell phones being stolen on buses, I felt uncomfortable not having a case for my IPhone and carrying it in my pocket. When Phil bought them, there were no cases in the store yet. My old phone was on a lanyard around my neck, and I wanted a case which would allow me to do that. The Verizon store had no such animal. Their cases ranged from flashy and unprotecting to sturdy, protective, but I’d have to rob a bank to get into it. One had to slide it on and off just right to close and open it, and it had no place for a lanyard.

Target was really no better for the most part. Apparently lanyards are not the thing to do. People either velcro armbands with IPhones in them or take their chances with a flashy case. The guy selling them found one case in the back with a wrist band on which a lanyard could be placed. Good thing I had the lanyard from my old phone at home. The case is very functional with magnetic closure and padding. Unfortunately, he told me it looks gaudy with a leopard print on it. It was on clearence at under $5, so at least the price was right. Phil ordered a couple cases which were supposed to be good for lanyards. They came today and were a big disappointment. Looks like Mr. Gaudy, my old, worn lanyard and I will be good friends.
Setting up apps on the IPhone is the hardest part. There is usually one hurdle to overcome, but once that’s set, using it is easy! The money reader has to have the camera focused just right. The app I paid for doesn’t show me all of the music charts equally. I am on Heytell which is a free voice message app for IPhones, and there were some buried privacy settings to overcome. I’m also learning to use a much more intuitive, accessible Twitter app and learning some of it’s idiosyncracies from a friend who loves it. Four Square did something overwhelming, but another friend reset it and got me out of that jam. It seems like I have a friend to ask specific questions about eachj application, and Phil helps witrh the basics.

I have a final piece of news, and the impact may not be appreciated by the sighted people who read this blog. The reader we’ve had for six years is having health concerns and needs at least a temporary break. Fortunately, we have resources to find others to help us read mail once a week and do other things which needworking human eyes. We’re going to ask our new reader to come and observe our current reader, so things aren’t brand new for her when she starts. We did this the last time we changed, and the current reader said it really helped her. Everyone has a little different style, and sometimes we have to do some education about what is most helpful to us and gently explain what isn’t. I’ve been trying to think of a metaphor to help sighted people understand the impact of the change. If you dance, play music, or do some other work with someone, after a while, you don’t have to say anything. You both know what to do. Then a new person comes along, and you have to learn their pattern of doing things. That’s the closest I can come. Throughout everything, our reader has been a very stable force in life we could count on, and we’ll miss her.

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  1. Thanks so much for the explanation about your reader. I get it. I pray your new one will learn quickly and be reliable and efficient, and someone you can count on.

    Nora Sent from my iPad 3

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