News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Phil went to the apple store to upgrade our phones. Originally, we were going to go together, and then I thought, “Why do you need me? You know what I like and the best decision for this kind of thing.” Yes, we are each getting IPhone 5. I know I have laundry to do and a newsletter to edit. I’ll probably have to set those up as my 1st reminders. Part of the reason I’m agreeing to this nonsense is that I really need alarms, reminders, and a good calendar. The Braille display on my Millennium is wonderful for reading, and I probably will continue to use it for note taking — at least until I get comfortable with the little blue tooth keyboard. But a calendar, it is certainly not. There is no alarm, and I was so angry when a date in the calendar wouldn’t go in the right place on Monday it ruined my whole afternoon.

I’ve heard the stories. Usually blind people hate their IPhones for the first two weeks and then wouldn’t live without them. I’ve put every friend who has an IPhone that I can think of on alert that I’m getting one. Some have told me the stories about calling people they didn’t mean to four or five times. Phil said he’d work with me this evening. If you don’t hear from either of us again, you know we killed each other over this thing. SIRI is my friend. SIRI is my friend. SIRI is my friend. …

Rebecca Kragnes and Zane – Black-lab and Seeing Eye Dog
Home: 612-827-2132
Cell: 612-387-5884
Twitter: @RebeccaKragnes


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