News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

This hasn’t been the best day in the Kragnes household. Nothing earth shattering, but a bunch of little things that add up to one big oofta! Not sure I am spelling that Scandinavian, Minnesotan expression right, but oh well.

Our reader told us Wednesday night that Zane was limping, and by Thursday morning, we could hear it. I refuse to work my dogs on three legs. I think it looks cruel and tasteless. So it was in cabs we went. I hoped to find a ride at least one way but was unsuccessful. My cab ride from home started out rocky, because the lady was given the wrong address from the dispatcher. However, she turned out to be a sweet driver. She didn’t blink an eye when I asked her to guide me into the clinic, so Zane didn’t have to work. I was also very proud of Zane in the waiting room. There were all kinds of dogs moving arounde the room, and although I could feel he was curious, he was resting on a down.

I had scheduled both a nail trim and a doctor’s appointment, but it was obvious to all of us that the nails would have to wait. When the vet first saw Zane she told me they would be testing for Lime Disease and wondered if I’d found any ticks on him. The amazing thing is that when Zane was turned loose in the small room, he ran around and acted very normal, despite putting absolutely no weight on one paw. After the vet took him in back, she found a small skin infection between his toes. I have some cleansing pads, a few days pain medication, and two weeks of antibiotics for him. I have a feeling this may have started when I put the foot rest down on my recliner and didn’t realize how close he was. I think it probably hit his paw, and things progressed from there. Like many dogs, Zane is very stoic about pain, so it has to really hurt, before he’ll show it. Luckily, he doesn’t bother it enough to require the E-collar AKA “The Collar of Shame” in the movie Up. He was miserable when he had to wear it in the past.

We had help getting to the cab to come home, but the next minutes were the worst. The driver and I had a good rapport, and I paid him before getting Zane and out of the cab. I knew something wasn’t correct when Zane started walking down the block, despite his sore paw. Luckily, I figured out the driver dropped us at the wrong address before he left. To add to the fun, a man was interrogating me about why my dog was limping. We were at 13th Avenue instead of 15th Avenue
I had repeated the address several times — with the driver repeating it back to me — and told him about landmarks like our wooden fence and the disability transfer zone signs. There was no wooden fence where we were for sure! He didn’t listen. I was especially mad, because this “mistake” caused Zane to have to walk more on his paw than necessary. I warned the driver I would be calling the company. He didn’t charge me for my last two blocks, but the whole thing made me furious!

Cab drivers have to do very little except drive, listen to instructions, and know how to read at least numbers. One of the cab company’s owners called to investigate the situation after talking to me, and when he called me back he was extremely apologetic. He said that driver was not engaging his brain and shouldn’t be driving cab if he was going to be that way. I asked for some compensation and got it.

Then on Twitter, a woman wrote about a great collection of baroque music on Amazon for $1.29 for 305 tracks. Baroque is a favorite period for both Phil and me, and I absolutely love it in autumn. I got so excited that I forgot to purchase it in Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Due to screen reader issues, Amazon MP3 files download automatically in Firefox but not IE. I had a customer service representative reset the music, so I could download it, but instead of the nice automatic downloads of all tracks, I had to do each track manually. Then I ended up with only 303 out of 305 tracks. I searched for titles and just couldn’t figure out which tracks were the missing 145 and 192.

I was still trying to solve the puzzle when Phil came home very motion sick from having a driver likely from Egypt. We’ve learned they drive very jerky and as if everything is a race. I called customer service back, but they were of no help. They insisted that the numbers of each track were right there on the page. Phil reminded me they probably were … as graphics instead of text. That meant we couldn’t access them. Using some fancy tricks, Phil created a table numbering each track, and then I could find and download the missing tracks. The motion sickness went away while he was thinking of this instead, but it came back with a vengeance. I don’t know if Phil will be going to work tomorrow. One thing we’d forgotten is that dialysis isn’t as effective on a catheter. After dialysis from his graft, Phil would come home very hungry,. Now he has lost his appetite and gets sick a lot more easily. Then having a jerky driver in a race doesn’t help.

Zane is to stay off of his paw as much as possible for the next few days. So if Phil doesn’t feel up to going to the restaurant down the block to meet friends Friday night, , Zane will stay home with him and Garron. I’ll take a cane to the restaurant. Otherwise, we’ll all stay home, because I refuse to either leave Zane by himself or walk him even a block on three legs.

Rebecca Kragnes and Zane – Black-lab and Seeing Eye Dog
Home: 612-827-2132
Cell: 612-387-5884
Twitter: @RebeccaKragnes


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