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words and actions

This past Sunday night at the Malt Shop, a guy came up to me and requested a few songs. I did my best to accommodate his requests. I am unsure whether it is that I’m a captive audience, my blindness, or both, but at least once every two or three months I have a well-meaning Christian make sure I’m saved. Some drop tracts in my bowl instead of tips, but most just talk! Many of you know that I am a Christian, but I also believe that my actions speak louder than my words. I think it was Francis of Assisi who said that when doing mission work, “if necessary, use words,” and I try to live that way. Besides, if I used the kind of language most of these people do about the unsaved going to hell, I probably would no longer be married. It’s one thing Phil was very upfront about when we started dating — no pushing religion or Jesus. I’ve tried to respect that while living my faith.

Obviously, the recent news has caused me to reflect and pray more than usual, and while I’m internally using words, Phil is externally using actions to make our life better. Now that our new computer and wireless is working, he had a sighted friend help him wipe the old computer’s drive and reinstall Windows XP. We’ll never trust it as the primary computer, but it makes a great gaming computer and is good for Internet and short-term work. He has it down in his “man cave” as our brother-in-law calls the entertainment room in the basement. After years of not being able to play Uno because Phil can’t read Braille cards, we can finally play Uno and other games in the most comfortable environments for us and choose our own music. He gets warm easily, and I get cold in the basement . Other than doing laundry, I try not to spend time in the basement.
Interacting using computers brings back a touch of the old days, as we met on the net.

Many of you know I love colored lights and have several in my living room. A few don’t have on-off switches, so Phil found outlets with remotes, so I can turn them on and off from my chair. With everything he’s going through, he still thinks of ways to make my life comfortable. Do I wish there were a few more hugs and kisses? Sure, but actions like installing the outlets — even when he has pain in one hand from circulation and the other from being overworked — are demonstrations of his love.

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Comments on: "words and actions" (2)

  1. Grace Sulerud said:


    I tried responding via e-mail but got a message from Word Press that they were having difficulty processing the message. I’ll repeat it here, but I wanted you to know that you might get another one via e-mail later.

    I agree with your idea that actions speak louder than words and I try to live that way. Of course my way of living isn’t as good a Christian witness as I wish it were. The quote from St. Francis is great–I’ll remember that!


  2. David Goldfield said:

    A few thoughts come to mind about this.
    People actually put tracts into your tipjar? And print ones at that? That positively galls me. Let’s be honest about this. I don’t think anybody ever would do that to a sighted piano player at a coffee shop, malt shop, piano bar or wherever the musician happens to be playing. Therefore I have to conclude this is probably a blind thing. If I’m right I’m then forced to wonder why the soul of a blind musician is in more danger of damnation than the soul of a sighted musician playing at the same malt shop. The whole thing just galls me.

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