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I’m not sure anyone will care about this post, but it’s something I have to get off my chest. I follow many Christian musicians on Twitter, and found myself disagreeing with a dialog between a couple of them. I love their music, , but I just can’t agree with this theological point. It all started with this tweet. “Was watching a reality TV show & saw someone pray to the “universe”. How strange God must think us to pray & worship His creation over Him.” I immediately thought of a Christian contemporary song called “I am” which lists a lot of titles for God including “The Universe”. I wrote this back to her, and she immediately replied that she didn’t think the person was referring to that. It was hard to be dismissed like that, but oh well. Another musician sighted Romans 1:19-25 which I immediately looked up. It talked about humans having no excuse to worship the creatures over the creator. I thought of the section in Acts in which Paul introduces a group of people — I think Corinthians — to the unknown God to whom they have an altar. I got no response to this argument.

I realize that part of my theological argument centers around a prayer we say in the Catholic Church, and most contemporary Christian singers are protestant.
. The prayer to God includes “those who seek you with a sincere heart”. As much as I enjoy being part of the larger Christian community and as much as I disagree with some of the practical tenants of my Church — like that a marriage isn’t a marriage if the couple decides not to have kids — , I take comfort in this prayer. So many Christians believe that if people don’t do q, r, and s, they are bound for hell. Certainly our church has some stances like that, but this prayer acknowledges that we aren’t the ones to determine who goes where. Only God truly knows who is seeking God with a sincere heart. Even in the old testament God gives people the benefit of the doubt. How about the story of Abraham bringing scenarios reducing the number of good people in a city God plans to destroy. And who can forget one of Jesus last phrases on the cross about forgiving us. For we don’t know what we are doing. Maybe that person on the show is wrong. Even so, what’s our response to the wrong we see? I hope in addition to coming on Twitter or even my blog pointing one’s finger pontificating about how wrong people are, we say a prayer for them. I prayed for the person on the show as well as the musicians with whom I disagree. I also pray God helps me to discern as much as I am supposed to know about this matter. But for now I will continue to acknowledge that only God truly knows who are children. I agree with someone who said that those who get to Heaven will probably be surprised about who is there and maybe who didn’t make it.

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