News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Shootings and Lights

I wish I didn’t have to write about this. As usual when there’s a shooting like the one in the movie theater in Colorado, the online community goes crazy. I certainly have done my share of praying for the victims and discussing gun laws. But I can’t help but contrast this shooting with another one. This second one happened at ten thirty Wednesday morning across 38th street — which is two houses away from us — around the corner. It was not even a block from where I was sleeping, it happened in a house, and police say it did not involve gangs or home invasion. The people involved knew each other, and it was a private dispute. A 24-year-old died, and another person was injured. A friend contacted Phil and me to make sure we knew. She was concerned about our safety and the area being blocked off possibly inhibiting our travel.

Though the neighborhood shooting didn’t have as many victims and wasn’t public, neither those circumstances nor any of the other factors I named above made me feel it was any less tragic. I used to be able to say that the worst thing which happened within a few blocks from me was robbery. It really sank in Wednesday evening that I could no longer separate myself from it when we heard the truck engines of the TV station we watch for news idling next to the disability transfer zone (for vehicles to pick us up) in front of our house. this Colorado shooting is the latest news just as our little neighborhood shooting was locally. but I can say with certainty that even being within the vicinity of the shooting makes it something I won’t forget and impacts me very deeply. I’ve always been a proponent of keeping as many guns away from people as possible. It was reinforced by this local incident. So as the debates rage on regarding guns in public places, I can’t help but wonder if people are ever going to study and discuss the relationship (most likely negative) of guns in the hands of almost anyone who wants one and safety everywhere.

Phil has been cognizant that all of this computer stuff has stressed me out, and last week a few enjoyable surprise gifts from him came my way. All of them involve colored lighting. the basement is the darkest area of the house, as we have many windows on the first level. Phil found some nine foot wires in different colors which light up when paired with battery controllers, and he’s going to make some sort of design downstairs for me to enjoy. the four other lights are also battery operated and have LED red, green, and blue lights in patterns. There’s a fiber optic tree which not only lights up but vibrates to spread out the individual threads and thus the light. the second is a medallion which will go on my keys with a button very hard to push. this will come in handy when waiting for a bus on a dark night. I could also where and use the laser wand on its lanyard in a similar way. another practical one was called a display base and is a round disc which can go through several color patterns or brighten and dim in white. I used it at the malt shop tonight by setting a glass bowl for tips on it in an effort to make the tip bowl more visible, enticing and fun.

this has turned into a much longer entry than I expected. If you read thus far, thank you, and I hope future entries won’t be this long. I mostly look forward to the new computer’s arrival, although I’ll be learning Windows 7. Plans this upcoming week include rehearsing with a new canter from church, Phil’s usual bike ride, coffee with a friend, the monthly book club meeting by telephone, and dinner out with a couple we probably haven’t seen in six months.

Rebecca Kragnes with Seeing Eye Dog Zane (Black Lab )
E-mail: rebeccak
Twitter: RebeccaKragnes

Rebecca Kragnes with Seeing Eye Dog Zane (Black Lab )
E-mail: rebeccak
Twitter: RebeccaKragnes


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