News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Saturday thoughts

I read on Twitter that it’s a national day to be outdoors. Yes, I know it’s practically summer, and almost everyone loves to be outside. I just happen to be an exception to the rule. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas, but this is the kind of day I don’t celebrate. Aside from letting the dogs in and out for whatever they are doing in the yard, I’m inside for the day. I’m even having a tough time getting motivated to go wait for a bus to ATTEND Mass at a non-air conditioned church later this afternoon.

Part of the problem is that my sleep schedule is royally broken. I’m up at night (very hot) and sleepy during the day, and I’m not the only one. Phil and I took naps when he got home from work last night, and after getting home from dialysis this morning, he’s in bed asleep again. I slept while he was gone but still feel like going in and joining him in slumber.

Dreams have been so disturbing, and that’s not helping. Every once in a while I have a dream in which i find out I’m pregnant. I understand that for many people this would be a joyful thing, but not for me. Usually I make arrangements for adoption and that kind of thing, but this time I actually woke up as I waited in the lobby for an abortion. I wouldn’t do that in real life, so this tells me I definitely have some moral stuff going on under the surface. Because Phil had things medically done making the likelihood of pregnancy moot, he made a joke that three “wise guys” would have to show up with SD cards, Pepsi, and chocolate if the dream was true. (Hey, that part could happen anyway, and I wouldn’t mind.)

My guess is that the dream concerns the dynamics of the board I have discussed. Intense fighting has happened for the last six months. Every time I think it can’t get any worse, it does. Earlier this week I resigned from my moderating duties for an associated list and unsubscribed, because I found it was making me physically sick. I have uhnder a month left on this board, and then I will be celebrating like crazy!

There have been good things happening in the Kragnes household. For being on three different antibiotics from his hospital stay and being tired, Phil has been in remarkably good spirits. He’s reading books again which is also a good sign, and I woke up to him singing to music as he was preparing supper. I often give morning people a hard time, but it’s good to live with one to make me laugh at a time of day which is hard for me. I also learned last week that three different dog stories I have written are being considered for a book, and they’ve all made it past the first round. This past week I received a green bracelet from my mom and aunt. They were visiting my sister and went to a farmer’s market last weekend and found people selling leather jewelry with Braille. The dots are black on my bracelet, and it also has mauve and white flowers. My name “Rebecca” is spelled out in Braille, and I’m very fond of the bracelet snapping together. I can’t wait to show it to my blind friends, as I’ve never heard of this company. In case anyone wants to see what they offer, here is a link to
Thoughts With Dots

Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
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