News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

After Phil was seen by the ER physicians, he was rushed to dialysis. This is because his potassium was dangerously high, and it could have done something horrible to his heart and killed him. There is a medication one can swallow for this, but between the intestinal problems and the nausea, he couldn’t stomach it this time. I asked the nurses whether the high numbers had anything to do with the Diverticulitis, and they couldn’t tell me.
As some of you heard in my audio boo, I was disturbed to learn that after dialysis, Phil objected to the heart monitor being put on him. I’m always mystified and a little irritated when I learn he’s refusing something the doctors want to do. But nine times out of ten, when he explains, he has a good reason for why he refused it.

Some of you know today is his 47th birthday, and unlike on my birthday, he won’t be getting out of the hospital to come home. the antibiotics he is taking through IV seem to be starting to kick in, because the pain is less. He’s also getting pain meds, and they are withholding food of course. He’s been withholding food since Monday when this started. His sense of humor is returning. His nurse is very kind and told him she wished she could give him a happy birthday cupcake or something. He said something about the fact that she’d have to give him his happy pain medicine instead. The same nurse just called to let me know Phil is being transferred to another wing on the floor. He was put on the 1st one because of the heart monitor, but now he’s being transferred to a wing that specializes in transplant patients. A lot of the nurses know him over there, and I feel a little better about it. She told me Phil had an incident in which he started feeling motion sensitive and nauseous, and his blood sugar was 81. He hasn’t eaten anything for the last few days, and despite the working pancreas, he’s still technically diabetic. When IV sugar was given, he responded very positively, and things seem to be OK again. Until he’s eating again, they’re going to keep a closer eye on the sugars. Doctors want him to start taking a little liquid, but as of noon, that was still making him a little nervous. Phil and I haven’t talked today, but the first days, all he wants to do is sleep.

And speaking of sleep, I was up all night. I couldn’t sleep, because until today, we didn’t get much encouraging news. So I slept the morning and some of the afternoon away. Maybe tonight I’ll actually go to bed at a somewhat normal time. I did find other people who were up at crazy hours like me online, and that made me feel less lonely. I can handle days OK, but nights — especially the first one — are another story. I tried to take advantage of being hear alone by blasting some music with my big sound sensitive light, but got worried that someone would call the cops because of the loud music at two in the morning. There were no windows open in the house, but you never know how people are about that stuff.
Because I was climbing the walls here with only the dogs at night, I decided to do another audio boo. I know some blind people are having some problems hearing them from my blog. In this instance, you have to click on the link if you’re getting the e-mail. Once the page opens, try clicking on the first unlabeled button which seems to be the most workable among people who have tried it.
The second one is the button that works for me. Sometimes the Audio Boo site comes up, and then you find the play button. In other cases, the Boo just starts playing without having to click play. Like I said before, I’ll try not to record anything critical, or if I do, I’ll repeat it in written form.
Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
E-Mail: rebeccak
Twitter: RebeccaKragnes


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