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Birthday Eve lemonaide

I am officially 40. I wouldn’t have dreamed a 40th birthday would turn out like this.

Phil woke up muffling a curse, and I jerked awake. He suspected that his fistula )the thing in his arm doctors created from vessels used for dialysis) had clotted. We both felt and listened to the fistula, and when it’s working properly again, I’m going to feel and listen to it to know what it’s supposed to be like when working. Aside from Phil’s tremors, I could hear and feel nothing. His suspicions were confirmed, and he was admitted to the hospital. They now have some sort of machine to clean out the clots. After going through the cleaning machine, He underwent dialysis, and if everything goes according to plan, he’ll be released in the morning. We originally talked about some plans, but given the situation, I’m just not sure how he’s going to feel. Part of the plans included playing shut the box out on the deck, but it’s supposed to rain. Whatever happens, we’ll make the best of it.

People probably get tired of hearing me repeat again and again how fortunate we are to have the friends we do. A lot of our family members are far enough away they can do very little. One of Phil’s coworkers picked Garron up from the hospital, and he became the office dog in her cubical farm for the afternoon. Then she took him for a couple walks, and her daughter and a friend gave him plenty of exercise. I loved it because despite his normal pattern of hunger strike when Phil isn’t here, he ate all his dinner. He was also exhausted. That meant after the woman and her daughter left, I could do my own thing.

Having someone watch Garron meant I could go along with the plans originally created a little less than a week ago, but the best laid plans don’t always work. A couple of my good friends and I were going to go to this great Asian place in a suburb called
St. Louis Park appropriately named Wok in the Park. I have friends who own it and enjoy their food. After my usual appointment, I met my friends for coffee, and One surprised me with pieces of cake for all of us. White cake is my favorite, and it had marzipan, Bavarian Cream, and raspberry filling. The coffee shop was gracious enough to let us eat it there, though it was brought from a bakery. Then the trouble started. Our paratransit service is called Metro Mobility, and generally I can’t complain about their service. Tonight though, they ruined what we originally had in mind for my birthday celebration. We waited in the coffee shop assuming the driver would either come in and find us or ask the staff to make an announcement (as they had in the past at that shop. We later found out that at least some of the staff never saw a driver come in. So we were given a “no show”, and they left. One of my friends doesn’t get mad very often, but I think tonight he was as mad as I’d ever seen him. He told his story first to an agent and then to one of the higher-ups’ voice-mail boxes. He ended the voicemail with”thank you for ruining a birthday celebration.”

But wee didn’t let it ruin the celebration. Michael and I had told Catalina about this great happy hour menu at a restaurant across the street. it was quality food and very inexpensive. After canceling our return rides home from Wok in the Park,, we went over to Happy Hour. I had this spinach artichoke dip that was out of this world and lots of iced tea. We had so much fun at the coffee shop and happy hour, and I was treated to dinner. This left me enough cash to take a cab home. I got home a half hour earlier than scheduled, and I was so pleased that the woman who had Garron seemed to be enjoying his company. The daughter wants to walk him sometime. That will be good for him when Phil lands in the hospital — hopefully to have his next transplant.

Before all of this started, I was about ready to celebrate Phil not having to be in the hospital for a whole year, as he returned home April 28, 2011. We really hope this is just a blip on the screen, and we can return to our normally scheduled programming. It could be just a fluke, but if this happens again, they’ll have to start looking at causality and thinking about another point of access to use for dialysis. I played a few games of yotzee, and the boys are pretty much knocked out for the night. After proof reading this, I suppose I should think about going to bed myself.
Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
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