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Catholicism teaches that Mary was like us but did not sin, and back in December on her feast of the Immaculate Conception, I made a horrible mistake . Because of some misunderstandings on the phone, I accidentally scheduled one of Phil’s rides to dialysis from home when he needed to leave from work. This meant a lot of frustration on both of our parts, and he didn’t make it to dialysis that night. I was in the shower when the banging on the door started. I’d canceled a ride from home around the same time and ignored the knocking thinking the dopes hadn’t canceled my ride. Because the ride was to dialysis, our paratransit service became very concerned when nobody answered the door. I was out of the shower when the police and fire departments showed up thinking Phil was unconscious somewhere in the house. NO, just his wife causing everyone including herself major anxiety.

I had been planning to go to Mass for Mary’s holy day, but it was just too cold. The feast day plus this colossal screw-up equaled me thinking about whether Mary made mistakes. There was a good little Catholic part of me who cringed at a thought which bordered being heretical, but after talking to some trusted people of faith in my life, we all concluded that because Mary was human, she probably made mistakes.

Hold onto your hats everyone, because the heretic had another blasphemous thought last night. Did *Jesus make mistakes when he was in human form on earth? Again, like us in all ways but sin, it would seem logical that he might. I stumbled on a passage which always puzzled me when reading a book I highly recommend by Father Joseph Girzone called “Jesus: Understanding God’s Son. Girzone takes the gospels and tries to put the events from them in chronological order. He often speculates on what Jesus might have been thinking based on his reading of the Gospels, and it has been insightful. Ironically, he just mentions the incident I’m about to outline without any commentary.

This is in Mark Chapter 8 verses 22 through 26 in which Jesus is healing a blind man. Mark is my favorite of the gospels. His feast day falls on my birthday April 25, and Mark’s gospel is very short and to the point! Verse 24 in which the blind man first says he sees but not clearly (people look like trees) has always tickled my spirit . The humor is because people look to me a little like trees with no branches feel to me — tall and shapeless. I’ve always been a little bothered about why that verse is in here. Mark was so to the point, and yet this verse is here. It’s the only instance I know of in which Jesus’ healing didn’t work all the way the first time. Although we’ll never know for sure, I have come to the conclusion that maybe Jesus’ humanity interfered somehow in making this healing work right the first time. Girzone wrote about how during this period, Jesus had many heavy things on his mind and may have been suffering some kind of depression. Aren’t we all prone to mistakes when we have many things on our minds and feel down? Maybe Mark put it here for people like me who feel so inadequate when we make mistakes. Even Jesus makes a mistake, because a part of him is human.

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