News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

If I’m serious about going for coffee downtown tomorrow morning with members and friends of ACBM, I should be in bed, but we’ll see how the weather is and how tired I am. this week has been a really good week in so many ways. I’m a little afraid that this post is going to sound materialistic, because so many things have come which have made life easier for both Phil and me. It started with our new machine called a Keurig. I can now offer someone a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cider, or tea without having to make a whole pot of any of it. This machine brews a cup at a time using cylinders called K-cups. Not making a pot means no accidentally putting in more than one filter and making a huge mess of coffee grounds and water. I’ve watched Phil do that and have been hesitant about trying it. If he does that, with my clumsiness, I’d do it too. It also means not pouring into the pot or hot liquid into the cup. Phil’s gotten one for work to keep from spilling with his tremors. I don’t even need tremors to spill it. Not making a full pot also means everyone can choose their own beverage. We’re also told it makes great iced tea in the summer.

I was worried about Phil’s fluid restrictions. But I guess not having to watch them as closely is probably the only plus to the chronic diarrhea he’s had. He’s been to the GI specialist, was tested for a bacteria, and is right on the boarder. No one has bothered to call to tell him what to do next. But he hasn’t exactly been proactive about calling them either.

On Friday, the stereo speakers Phil surprised me with came, and they were up by that Friday night. On Saturday, Phil thought one seemed not to work. But by Sunday night, he and our friend Dwight had all of them working.

I got a surprise spinning light with different colored lenses from my parents. That’s on the piano and will be fun when I start playing. Music is slowly coming. That same day, my repaired light arrived. It was minus a couple buttons, but they are on their way. The sound sensitivity with the new speakers is awesome, and I’ve found a new color program I didn’t experience before the light broke. It goes through a cycle of every possible combination of the colors red, green, blue, white, and amber.

This is going to sound very weird, but I’m excited about getting new socks. I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t been able to find substantial, comfortable socks in places like Target. We’ve discovered that Amazon has stuff I never would have thought they did. We get everything from dish soap to bird seed from there. Phil had good experiences with Wigwam socks, so he found them in my Women’s shoe size and got me some. He is such a great Amazon shopper. The only thing I’m consistently great at buying from Amazon is MP3 albums. And when I see the credit card bill, I suddenly think I should probably try to flunk at that.

Despite the health news I shared earlier, Phil is actually in fairly good spirits. We’ve had our first cold snap the last couple days, so tonight we ordered Chinese for supper and lunch tomorrow. Then we played a game of yatzee and a game of Uno in front of the fire with my light going. Maybe I’m in good spirits, because I won both. Or maybe it’s the strawberry Scentsy fragrance in the air.

I think another reason is that I have things I am looking forward to doing. I took the day off at the Malt Shop this Sunday night and am doing next Thursday instead. The male a cappella group Committed is a part of a free Martin Luther King Concert on Sunday night. Committed won the second season of The Sing-Off — the show which caused us to finally get a working TV antenna. Reception is pretty good, but Phil plans to do some more work this weekend to fine-tune the antenna.

I just learned yesterday there is a conference for Catholic women next weekend called Fire of Hope in Downtown Minneapolis. The coordinators are giving away free tickets, and it turns out the person playing the music for the Mass had to back out because of a family emergency. Guess who volunteered to play? I understand some pretty well-known speakers are going to be there, and I see it as such a good opportunity in so many ways.

The week after that is our first book club meeting with an actual book discussion. I’ve read the book and am excited about that.

I’m in the final stages of deciding whether to have a Scentsy party at the end of this month. If I don’t do it in January, it definitely will happen in the next few months. Anyone who is interested in coming, please drop me a line.
Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
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