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a feast for the senses

All of us indulge during the Christmas season, but some of our Christmas is coming a little later. When everything is done, we’ll have a feast of all the senses. You’ve read about my light, so that’s the visual sense. I think I also mentioned a friend gave a Scentsy warmer and some scent bars to start. We’re still enjoying that, and right now the vanilla and sweetness of a scent called Quiver is combining beautifully with Phil’s wonderful dinner. He rub some chicken thighs in garlic, thyme, basil and other spices. He cooked it and added mixed vegetables including asparagus and water chestnuts, almonds, pasta shells, and choumaine noodles. We both agreed it was delicious, and I love that Quiver is blending with the scent still in the room, despite all dishes having been run through the dishwasher. Then you’ve read about the new speakers Phil surprised me by ordering last week. That covers sound.

Despite Phil having slept all day on Friday, when he found out the humidifier had arrived, he immediately set it up. I wasn’t sure how much it would really make a difference, but I am noticing less itching for humans and dogs, my skin is softer, I seem to get less cold when near it,and it’s easier to breathe. Maybe we’ll even avoid some of the electric shock which seems to plague us each winter.

But Phil had one more surprise in store. He has felt better over the last days, and Saturday night we went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant for supper. We were discussing how His father received a Keurig brewer for Christmas. Since Phil’s mom has moved to the care center, he only needs one cup of coffee in the morning and waists the rest of the pot. Although that’s not our issue, we decided there could be other advantages. Hearing this brought back the echoes of how much one of my friends named Jane (whom I visited last summer) loves hers and the accompanying K Cups. We don’t drink a lot of coffee, although we enjoy it when we do. I have a little hang up about making a pot of coffee, so I don’t offer it to guests. I’ve seen experience coffee maker Phil more than once accidentally have two filters stick together and have coffee and water spew all over the place. My mother has always said that in order to be a good cook, you have to be ready to make a big mess. I really hate big messes! Phil and I also like different flavors at various times, and although we can pour using a device called a Say When to tell when we’ve reached the top of the cup (better than the burn the finger method) there’s always the chance we’ll miss either when pouring in the cup or in the pot itself. Often we use the pot to get hot water, and it takes ten minutes. I had no idea of the variety of flavors one could get in coffee, tea, cider, and chocolate. We can still use the tea and cocoa mix we have just getting some hot water in our mugs by not using a k cup. No matter what we do, we’ve learned average brew time is a minute. We were both surprised at the number of brewers out there, and some of them had digital menus. Jane gave us the brand she loves, and it has two buttons to distinguish between eight and ten ounces. one is on the way. Phil is already organizing the counter where it will be placed with four dispensers for our choices of cider, chocolate, coffee and tea. the brewer also comes with a variety pack. Phil has also rearranged the freezer, so our ice trays can be available for ice. Apparently, making iced coffee and tea isn’t that difficult given plenty of ice to cool it quickly.

Although normality sets in when Phil goes to work and dialysis, we’re hoping these fun things will help us escape the winter blues.
Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
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