News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Well, first of all, Phil woke up with a 100.4 fever this morning. This was supposed to be a vacation day for him, but it has turned into a sick day. He’s been sleeping either in bed or on the couch just about the whole day, and this means no going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for our informal date night. He does go to dialysis tomorrow morning again, and I play piano at church both tomorrow night and Sunday morning. I’m hopeful that one of those times, he will feel better enough to meet me afterward. We rarely get to have a Saturday night together, as most of the time, he’s at dialysis. I don’t know why holidays either mean sickness or crabbiness, but that’s the way it seems to happen.
It seems like one if not both of us are sick during days leading up to the new year.
He has gotten the computer fixed, so we’ve been able to play games when we feel like it. I’m relaxed in my robe and slippers waiting for the courier bringing Phil’s medication. He was planning to pick it up yesterday, but something got in the way. Because he forgot a couple and his illness today, a courier is coming. We also received what I think is the humidifier Phil ordered. It was 1 very big box I had trouble getting in the door. He’s been sneezing for the past weeks and attributing it to the dry air. I hope it isn’t this bug, I hope the bug passes quickly and it doesn’t mean a hospital stay. My eyes and skin have certainly felt dry.

I was planning to do laundry, but without being able to put laundry from the baskets away in the closet, that’s not going to happen. Then I thought I would get some minutes done for one of my Secretarial duties. More than an hour into the writing, I accidentally pressed control s in the Windows Media Player. I meant to press it in Word as I do periodically to save the latest version of the report. Control s in Windows media Player means Stop, instead of the control p for pause and play I was using. I’ve tried to figure out how to move through a file in Windows Media Player, but no go. If Phil doesn’t awaken soon, I’ll have to go get my Victor Stream so I can finish up those blasted minutes and read for enjoyment by the fire. Garron will eat better when Phil is up, so he didn’t get fed yet. I’m going to do my best to let Phil wake up naturally, because sometimes when I accidentally do it, I get sickness *and crabbiness. For now, I’ll keep writing and downloading books.

On the positive side, we had a great start to our book club by phone last night. There were thirteen of us in attendance from all over the country. One woman is captioning for a Deaf Blind woman. She reads from her Braille display. She can apparently listen to audio books, but the phone is much more difficult for her. I also recorded the proceedings for the people who couldn’t make it last night. I have a Christmas series to finish, and then I’ll start on the book club book.

There are a few things to which I have to look forward. I got an update about my light, and that should be examined sometime next week. Then Phil surprised me. He found a great sale on speakers. His downstairs are wonderful, but up here I have some pretty old ones which have lost their oomph. We’ve been noticing that whispers in movies have been hard to understand, and we almost always watch movies up here by the fire. Being the music nut I am, having this available sounds great to me. He purchased speakers from the same company as the one’s downstairs, and the bass is phenomenal! My ears are going to be in for a treat, and more bass means my light will react easier too.

I’m still learning the fine points of Twitter. Today I nearly got my head bitten off for making an assumption. the story isn’t worth repeating, but I supposed direct messaging is like phoning or texting a person at just the wrong moment. I made an honest mistake and didn’t feel I deserved the scathing response I got. I’ll be much more careful about responding to this person in the future.

Twitter has brought another thing to mind, and certainly my sweater post alluded to it. I follow many musicians, and I expect shallow subjects from a lot of the pop ones I love in particular. Some of them are surprising me with the depth of their thoughts. Unfortunately, I’ve been surprised on the other end, too. I’m learning that maybe you can know musicians a little too well, and it takes away from their message. I’m talking about Christian singers and vanity! I guess because I’m self-conscious, there are just certain things I wouldn’t share with a bigger audience. One example is two of them talking publicly about getting skin peels! Earlier another Christian singer said one of her favorite things was a theater style mirror, so she could see herself from all angles. I asked her about it, and she said God wants us to look our best. I’m not private about a lot of things, but things going along with appearance are something I approach very carefully. A lot of bible verses and other sayings from these people are tweeted about being kind to everyone and showing God’s love being one of the most important things. But then I turn around and read this kind of stuff. I understand they’re only human and aren’t going to be perfect. Maybe because I’m no beauty pageant contestant, this is just a touchy area for me. But somehow it just feels wrong to tweet so much on the appearance, and I’m a performer myself. Someone recommended a book a couple years ago, and in one of the scenarios, the author was asked to go in CD stores and find ugly performers. It apparently was hard to do it in the pop and country sections, but it could be done. In the Christian stores, it was impossible to find ugly performers. So many Christian women want to promote the fact that no matter what shape and size you are, you are just as worthy of love and a child of God. But these are some of the same people I see tweeting so much about their appearance. It just leaves me cold.

Finally, I learned something else on Twitter which leaves me cold. Apparently starting in January, the state program that covers medical things for low-income people is having to limit what they cover to hospitals and emergency room visits. I’ve heard the arguments about not covering preventative medicine and agree with all of them. But this time, people won’t be covered under this program for kidney dialysis or chemotherapy. It isn’t apparent from the news story whether some other program is in place, but it doesn’t sound like it. It really sounds like if you aren’t insured or able to cough up the money, you’re going to die in Minnesota in 2012. I am certainly grateful that Phil has insurance. I know he’s a valuable employee, and his workplace has been so good to us this year. I just can’t help feeling sorry and angry for those who aren’t so fortunate.

Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
E-Mail: rebeccak
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