News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

2011 a Kragnes Karol

(To the Tune of “Santa Clause is Coming To town”)

It’s not a great deal,
But it’s what he’s got.
Life still has appeal,
And that’s worth a lot.
Phil is back on dialysis.
He’s back on the list,
He didn’t think twice,
Kidney to assist,
Would really be nice.
It’s the gift on Phil’s Christmas list.

In spring when he stopped breathing,
His Garron saved his life.
He alerted the hospital staff of Phil’s respiratory strife.

The rest of the year,
Phil found simple joys,
The things which brought cheer,
Were big and small toys,
Called a Schwinn tandem and IPhone.
Mental lists maintained,
Of bike parts and apps,
While Garron and Zane
Took turns on his lap,
Giving therapy of their own.

But it was hard on Garron,
When bike riding Phil went,
Until appeared a two-wheeled trailer, Garron’s Schwinn pup tent.

In June to the east,
Rebecca and Zane,
Had fun and a feast,
With dogs, Pat, and Jane,
During a needed vacation.
What wasn’t so great,
Was the return flight,
A couple planes late,
Meant an overnight,
Ending the trip with frustration.

The National Library,
Is where they took a tour,
Provides hours of reading and enjoyment, that’s for sure!

Between gigs and church,
Meeting minutes, too,
Rebecca didn’t search,
For something to do,
Along with dishes and laundry.
Plus tweets, texts IM,
Book downloads, E-mail,
She read all of them with ears or in Braille.
Kept informed by technology.

By writing in her new blog,
Rebecca’s found freedom,
The address is quite simple: Kragnews dot wordpress dot com.

Christmas will be quiet,
No travelling noise,
Just a doggy riot,
Discovering new toys,
With enthusiasm they’ll delve.
With this little rhyme,
We will soon finish,
And now it is time,
For a holiday wish.
Blessed Christmas and 2012!

Phil, Rhebecca,
Garron, and Zane


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