News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

two chain reactions

This is just a little glimpse into the life of the Kragnes family on a Saturday night.

The first chain reaction happened while getting ready for church. I bought a new solid perfume from Scentsy. I thought it might be best to keep the inner container in the outer tube for protection. I put one part of the outer container in my pocket and used the perfume. The bottle itself had two caps — an outer round one and an inner flat disc with a ring around it. I thought it was strange that I didn’t see the outer lid to the inner container. I took half of the outer tube from my pocket, only to have the round cap shoot out of it and go flying across the room. We have a saying in our house “cursed round objects!” Most of the time, it’s because just when we find them, they roll! After putting the perfume bottle back in the outer container for protection, I chased the cap around as it kept rolling away. Zane thinks it’s fun to see if he can get anything off the floor to eat, so I had competition in my quest. I finally found it, took the bottle out of the tube … the wrong way — inner disc pointing down and falling off! The inner disc made a lovely impression of a toboggan as it danced across the slippery carpet protector. So back on the floor I went and this time the race was very close. The disc is in contact with the perfume, so it had some good smells on it to a Lab. Needless to say the outer container went in the trash. My consultant said it wasn’t needed, and it only seemed to be making my life more difficult. The second chain reaction happened after we ordered ribs and salads from a restaurant which delivers. I was clearing the table after supper when the trouble began. We joke that Phil is the organizer, and I’m the disorganizer. It’s true, but because I’m the disorganizer, I am very picky about trying to be sure that small containers — like the round ones dressing comes in — are put in bigger containers. I put on the dressing, close the small dressing container, snap the lid to the salad box closed, shake the salad, and immediately my dressing container goes in to the box lid. As soon as the salad is finished, the dressing container is immediately put in the salad container before the salad box is snapped shut. Most of the time Phil does this too, but tonight he acted like I often do and forgot this detail. I just about had everything off the table and was moving my hand pretty slowly to find anything else when the dressing container flew off the table. . once again, I was dealing with a round object acting like a toboggan with an indeterminate flight path. For the third time Zane and I raced to find an object. I dove to the floor trying to find the container. Just one problem. As I dove to the floor my hand quickly slid across the table knocking on the floor … an open bottle of pop. My general rule is that if I drink from bottles, I would rather be able to recap them. Not from this restaurant,., and oh, did I mention that it was red strawberry pop? I countered the red by cursing a blue streak very loudly, as Zane started licking the pop off the floor. Phil was cautioning me not to scare my dog, and I was grabbing paper towels and stain remover. In order to get to the paper towels and stain remover, I had to go through the cold pop in my white socks. I’m sure this spread the mess out further. I just about collided with Phil to get to the bathroom to put the socks in the laundry, and I was screeching at him like a shrew to get out of the way. I sopped up as much as I could and liberally doused the area with spray. We’ll have to have the next sighted person who enters the house tell us whether the red is in the gray carpet. Hopefully it’s our cleaning guy, in which case, he’ll probably do a better job getting it up than I did. Then we still had to find the stinking dressing container. I looked everywhere on the floor , and a few times, I thought I heard Zane chewing on it, but it must have been a dog toy. Phil finally found it behind the dog food bin. As he stood up with the container in hand, he forgot about the counter above him and thumped his head pretty hard on it. Both of us retired to our chairs very quickly after all this.
Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Labrador and Seeing Eye Dog)
E-Mail: rebeccak
Twitter: RebeccaKragnes


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