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Impressions from Twitter

OK, readers,
Now that I have my own place to share things, it’s probably going to be updates plus whatever is going through my mind and has to be written down. this post is no earth shattering Kragnews, unless you consider my thoughts Kragnews, which I guess they are.

First, I discovered a gem of a musician named Andre Louis on Twitter. Amazon has his album for download and I know CD Baby sells his CD. He looks like a good musician and a fun guy.

Second, I read that a gospel musician I follow had the awful experience of being called the N word at a Popeye’s Restaurant. There are so many things wrong with that — especially in 2011 — that I won’t even begin to count them. I feel strongly about this anyway, but after watching the movie “The Help” today, it feels especially shocking.
But finally, the thing which really has my heat turned up tonight is this trend I have seen among Christian DJ’s an artists referring to “tacky” Christmas sweaters!OK, it may be fun to laugh at pictures of them online; I can buy that. I can even go along with having parties themed around them for a laugh. We do that with Halloween costumes, and most of them aren’t particularly stylish. But especially around Christmas, I’m not sure how appropriate it is to come on Twitter and say you’re glad the sweater was the only thing tacky you were wearing. I don’t know what happens between the time they talk or sing about those less fortunate, showing compassion and mercy, etc., and making these comments. But I think they would do well to remember that there are homeless people who would love to wear their tacky sweaters for warmth, as they sleep on the streets. I am OK with a laugh, but these kinds of comments seem shallow And I’m not sure they serve a purpose. Perhaps I miss something in the translation, because I’ve never seen a tacky sweater. I remember having Christmas sweaters/sweatshirts and quite enjoying them. the only rationale is that maybe Christmas sweaters are to the eyes what most fruit cakes are to the tongue. Although I’ve had good fruitcake, most is very awful. I suppose one could argue that hungry people would be glad for fruitcake. Somehow joking about something that tastes bad and joking about something some feel is in bad taste don’t quite seem synonymous to me.
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